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Frequently Asked Questions

The Reboot Camp is Celebration Church’s annual camp meeting. It is an extended time of worship, prayer and bible study

Reboot camp will hold at Daystar Christian Center, Ikeja, Lagos.

Reboot Camp starts December 14th and ends December 16th, 2023

We have made room for you! Kindly visit the help page to view available accommodation.

Your bible, notepad and pen are going to be invaluable. Also, don’t forget to bring a friend!

You can prepare for the reboot camp by prayerfully fasting. Revisit sermons from previous reboot camps and come with a ready heart to receive all that God has in store for you.

Kindly see the Reboot Camp schedule here

Vendors will be available at designated areas if you wish to purchase food or drinks.

No problem!  A trained first aid team will be on standby in case of any emergencies and the protocol team will be available to give you the necessary assistance.

Yes, The Celebkids team is located in the grey building opposite Entrance 4 of the Main Hall while the Celeb Teens is located in the main hall. They would be ready to take in your children and care for them till the end of each session

Yes, Buses have been made available after each session to transport you to and fro the parking lots and lodges.




December 14th, Thursday – 6pm
December 15th Friday- 7am, 1pm, 6pm
December 16th Saturday- 7am, 1pm, 6pm

Kindly reach out to the follow up team leads in whatever states you are located for further information.

Kindly reach out to the follow up team leads in whatever states you are located for further information or check our social media page

We have two services each week: our midweek services every Wednesday and our regular Sunday service. You can stream the midweek service on our YouTube channel, CCIGlobal.

The Medical Team can be found in the Grey colour building opposite Entrance 4 of the Main Hall.

At the information center at the entrance of the main hall

Attend a campus close to you regularly, take the membership class and join a MAP group 

Accommodation is currently sold out